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Pauli is our workshop dog and always on a mission.

It may happen that he's running through our workshop heavily barking, driven by his tending instinct.

But don't be afraid, he is an angel, even if it doesn't sound so.

Usually he just tries to keep his sheep together.



Markus is Fresh as well as Breeze, sometimes even at the same time ;-)

As Michael's other half he cares about everything below 120kg: backpack units, lightweight trikes and foot-launched stuff.

In his unique manner he imagines and realizes new projects nearly without any noticable effort. Not only X-One, X-Light and APAX come from his hand. He always has a good advice concerning everything around our beloved engines... 


Michael is the other half of Fresh Breeze. His focus is on the Xcitor, but he's also the driving force to make our products more long-lasting, lighter, faster and simply better.

He's picture perfect when it comes to flying and has won the German Championships 4 times in succession!

He also leads the development of our "Flying Car" and can be seen quite often on the media. Michael is always good for a surprise.


Stefan is our Dr. Dipl. Ing. - the genius behind the scenes who designs everything in his head-PC and later on his CAD-station.

The best citation about him: "I'm the interface between what we dream and what we are able to construct".

He is involved in nearly every project of Fresh Breeze that is about design, creation and development. 




Dana is the lady of the team and responsible for all financial matters.

She always tries to find a solution for everything related to incoming and outgoing payments. If you have any question about that she will be the right address. Apart from that she also organizes and assists on many of our events and cares about our stuff as well as our staff with a lot of motivation and passion.



Our star mechanic #1 "Ramonini" alias Ramon is Master of Simonini. Doesn't matter if it is an older model or the brand new Sportix suspension, each and every engine passes his hands earlier or later.

His year-long experience enables him to help always quickly and competently.

Checker for ThoriX 130, ThoriX 190 and Simonini. 



Star mechanic #2 is Volker. He's doing all Monster and Solo engines since several years, after having switched over from Snap-engines, and he is responsible for installing our classic trike motors as well.

His favorite time of day is "Feierabend" - the end of work. But he will never admit so, and nobody will ever notice during work hours.

He's the right guy if it is about Solo, Monster and Super ThoriX.


Ecki is our Chief-Xcitor-Mechanic and Fresh Breeze fixture.

Since the very first day he builds our magnificient flying machine and knows each screw by heart. Everybody dealing with an Xcitor or with us will sooner or later get to know him.

He loves his job and his "baby", the best of all, and devotes himself to it with his immense technical knowledge. But he also keeps flying his old, but polished and still brand-new looking Solo-Pro-Sport foot-launched motor.


"Schmitti" a.k.a. Frank is Eckis right hand - and left hand as well. They are the "Xcitor dreamteam".

He is making our doubleseater department stronger due to his friendly and open-minded character. Whenever it is better to do rather than to speak, he is the right guy.




Our skilled "Industrial Master" Dirk is responsible for perfect weldings. No metal can resist him - he lets it flow and join just the way he wants.

He does our prototype jobs as well as serial productions, while he repairs small damages as well. His future-oriented and optimistic style makes him friend with nearly everybody.  




Sebastian, Mr 100.00 Volt is one of our youngest team member. He is our main trike mechanic. Whether for two-stroke, four-stroke or electrified

Every single-seater trike will be maintened and assembled by him. But he's also keen on working and helping with new developments and prototype stuff.

Our youngster is highly motivated and a competent partner for all small trike related issues, Flyke, BUlliX, Skip ONE, X-ONE and Swissauto engine. 


Bernd is our oldest and most acknowledged colleague. Since he joined us, the ex-policemen, technician and pilot from the helicopter squadron Hannover performs one wonder after the other.

Bernd is doing nearly everything, from difficult prototype parts to serial production from X-LIGHT. He is also responsible for ThoriX 80, Snap spare, parts and service.

A real multi-talent for everything. Helpfulness is his second name!

Denny is responsible for nearly all of our accessory parts.From pre-assembled starter units via electronic circuits to gas handles, he organizes many components for our technicans to allow them to assemble our engine units easier and faster. Along the way he also continuously improves and develops these products. Recently, he's also in the office and picking up the phone and organizing everything to write bills. denny(at) 

His organisational skills make him the perfect head of our shipping department. Questions concering your shipment? versand(a)


Our offspring for the flying car. He can handle the milling maschine as well the computer. The perfect combination for this huge project





The trainees as industrial mechanics and maintenance!.

He has already been through almost everything, but the solo flight is still pending.





He reinforces the shipping, so everyone gets his order quickly, he packs with great dedication every bulky package. His tablet is his constant companion;




Niklas. New New New

His dream has come true.


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