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Flight about highest mountain in Austria

Comment Holzmueller: "On the last Friday we have flown about the Großglockner. Enclosed one
pair of pictures. It was especially warm weather by the height - but between
4000 m and 4,600 m got cold it a little bit. Because very strong
west  wind was, we flew rather a little higher in..."


Flying South
















Flügel der Welt:Testbericht BulliX


Für alle,die das Magazin nicht bekommen ,hier nun die Möglichkeit den Testbericht zu lesen.  













Load test passed

The double seaters foot start equipment has passed the load test in the SportiX. 








Fine balanced stator for Simo

Offer for all Simonini pilot´s of Fresh Breeze engines. To improve the round run qualities of the engine further we offer a fine-balanced rotor.

The engines which are  less than 2 years old  get it free. For all the others we calculate a protective fee of 28. - Euro.

The action is to be understood as a new-for-old campaign.

Not affect are engines with digital ingnition.


New gearbox Monoblock for Monster and Solo


Our new rugged gearbox is for both Solo and Monster units. All new engines will now be supplied with this system. Belt adjustment is by a simple eccentric Cam. Now also available as a retro-fit kit.



Double silencer for Monster


This special silencer reduces in connection with an air box really very much efficient the noise of the Monster.

Price with delivery of your own silencer incl. new airbox 226.- Euro.

Suitable only for Monster with Monoblock gearbox.

 Download the instruction as pdf