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12 Volt Altinator for ThoriX available now!

More  ThoriX Option´s

Update for ThoriX






14 Liter Sticker

Scale for 14 Liter Fuel Tank

Price 5.- Euro










ThoriX got permisson by DULV

Click here

DULV noise approved with only 55 dbA






Introduction Prototyp BulliX 4 T in Ballenstedt at Germany Championship

BulliX with 4 Stroke Engine

250 ccm

22,8 kw

Fuel Injection


3 Blade 1,40 m Propeller


Introduction Prototyp "Xcitor Light" below 115 kg in Ballenstedt at German Championship "DMP".

2 Stroke Engine Simonini Victor 1

1,60m 3 Blade Propeller

29 kw

Seats 2

Foldable for Transport in Van

DMP 2010

German biggest PPG meeting.All pilot are  herzlich heartily invited.












Paramotor - Västerås - Sweden

In may 21-23 there is a big Paramotorevent in Sweden ( this is from last year.

Says our Swedish Importeur, they are known for their hospitality and beautiful landscapes.

"If there are any pilot interested to come to Sweden an fly.

And if there is any Xcitor pilots, I will be helpful that pilots with the economy to get to Sweden.

Last year there was 70 pilots on this meeting and there was sky-divers, gyrocopter ultralight and more."

So if you have a chance and a couple free days this is your chance!




Wingman J

This new harness for the jettison pilot's suspension was reworked. The integrated rescue container can be fastened by means of zipper to the right or left side.The material of the container's is from stretchy neoprene

The price is 325.- Euro excl. tax