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Rocket Rescue System for single seat trike´s positiv tested

Last week we tested special rescue system with ballistic engine for our paraglider trikes.Designed especially for BulliX 4T,BulliX,Flyke and other trikes.

More Info´s will follow soon

 Juni 2012


ThoriX get a junior

In the nearest future the Thorix will available with a smaller  propeller

diameter (110 cm).

Light weight pilots will have their fun with the  reduced weight and a winning for handling.


Fresh Breeze enlarging the production facility


Production and storage on 3000 square meters.

  •  Production
  • Warehousing

  • DevelopmentTestflight´s

  • Exhibition space

  • Maintenance and repair

 Everything in one place

 We are getting ready for the future.


Now available.Modified trailer especially for BulliX and BulliX 4T

For more info´s look here:


Rocket Rescue for light weight trike from Junkers


Now a small rescue system with ballistic release available

The total weight 3,5 kg

Permitted until 140 km/h speed

Basic diameter of the chute 6,24 meter

Wingspan 35,75 qm

Max. take off weight 140 kg.Higher load will follow

Estimated cost ~ 1000 Euro




Werner Schlegel, Wolfgang Schneider und Peter Kraus plan to organize an XCitor Fly-In this year like in the years before.

On their page all infos can be found, also on

We're happy to have another nice happening! 


In big step´s we reach the goal.In round about 8 weeks we will start to introduce the new gas tank for our SportiX.It has a volume for minimum 14 Liter ( 3,7 gal.)

So you can stay for one hour longer in the air.

Especially for pilot´s with a trike it´s an interssting add on.  


Today we were able to test the Super Thorix footlaunched.  I never experienced an engine with that little vibrations on my back. Maybe is comperable with an electric engine.  Almost unnoticed the engines pushes you with more than 3 m/sec.  into the direction of outer space.

The engine smoothness is setting future standarts, that is for sure.  We have to work a little around  with our suspension to control the torque of this wild stallion.

But we already know a direction where to go … Be excited

Super Snap

From now on the snap in a revised version available.
The power and motor drive has been considerably increased.
According to Cisco, Italy, the motor has an output of 20 hp at 8800 1/min
The performance experienced by the engine was increased through a modified exhaust system and an extended cylinder capacity from 96 cc to 110 cc
The propeller diameter is 1.25 meters.

The motor is available in the following frame and suspension options:


The weight of the unit is 21 kg (without harness as CB ORC)

The engine once again has a centrifugal clutch and our famous carburetor the WB 37

The engine is still forced fancooled.

All in all a very good start into 2012

Light weight carbon seat board.

From now on a Carbon Composite Board is available for the Wingman Jettison  and  Wingman SportiX.The weight is reduces up to 700 Gramm.

The net retail price is 99.- Euro