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New rescue container "Neopix" expanded our range.

We have expanded the range of our container.

For more information please look here:



To all Thor 200 pilots with

"Non Fresh Breeze" system

We have a solution for the overheating problem developed that can be installed on any Thor 200.

Holes in the piston or seisures will be a thing of the past


Indonesia Paramotor Adventure Trip

over the Archipelagos

17 -30 April 2014



fly over

the temple Borobudur & Prambanan
in Central Java
over the Beach and Temple in Bali

arround Lombok island


fly and fun

swimming, snorkeling and diving

culture, traditional and culinary



Anten Wisata






































Flying Car-Prototype

Our Flying Car is flying now - and driving.

Works pretty good, though it is still an early prototype:

click here

If you receive an error message (This account's public links are generating too much traffic and have been temporarily disabled!) please download the file directly from our server here (right click, save as...)

 Sorry for that, but we had more than 20GB traffic per day, more than Dropbox permits.

Now also on Youtube...

The Paracar is coming...soon

For all who have not believed, the flying car alive.


So, how cool is that


Michael Werner just before the first take off with the Flying Car.




Take Off

Of course on the road


The Relax is now officially approved by the EAPR

Musterpr├╝fnummer: EAPR-TW-7655/12

Link to EAPR