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Fresh Breeze has a new oil  for the BulliX 4T.
This full systhetic multigrade oil dissociates with its specifications most other commercially available oils.
It goes round the year and meets and exceeds the requirements for our Engine BulliX 4T


  • OW-40 Full systhetic

Price 15,06 €  # 80058



We do now offer a panoramic mirror for the XCitor trike as an accessory. It makes it possible to watch the wing all the time without twisting the head much. More infos can be found here.


The mirror costs € 125,- plus VAT. Its order-# is  XCE_30.




Useful accessories for the engine or simply use as a key ring.
Price only 3,00 €

Gloves for Spring / Summer / Autumn 


The gloves are made accurately and the careful choice of materials allow still a good dexterity. This means that the brake loop and the throttle grip is still good to use. Nevertheless, the gloves retain heat well in the fingers. 


The price is only 12,60 €



Helmet with new design

Mehr Info hier:



To all Thor 200 pilots who have "Non Fresh Breeze System" and overheating problems.

We offer the solution: