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In Australia you can take off in your Fresh Breeze paramotor and enjoy the beautiful landscape as these pictured students have been doing in recent times. Our Importer from Australia, Poliglide (Andrew Polidano), has been
distributing and supporting customers with our units for almost 20 years. He is also an instructor trainer and has taught more than 300 people to paramotor. His flying school is located near the famous Byron Bay,
Australia's most easterly point, home of amazing beaches and hinterland. The picture shows Andrew with his students on a recent flying trip 2000km from home where he is setting up another school and Fresh Breeze dealer in
country Victoria. Justin Shaw is doing his Paramotor Instructor apprenticeship with Poliglide and will run a new school teaching paramotoring and supporting Fresh Breeze customers.

More information about Poliglide you´ll find here: