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Foldable single-seat trike for space-saving transport and storage.


  • Simple fold in a few seconds.
  • Suspension in the rear axle
  • 30 Liter Fuel Tank for long distance flight
  • Engine Thor 250
  • 70 kg ready to fly Trike and Motor


Further information will follow.


Availability planning early 2018





We tested a rocket rescue system (magnum 450) which was expired since 14 years. And the result: It still sets off faultless!

New Quad for all terrain.

We now introducing this Trike..... no Quad into the market. We display it now for the first time ready at the exhibition "Thermik" in Stuttgart on 13-14.1.2018

Based on the new X-WING EVO 28, we have now developed the RS. The glider is the same as on the XCitor, but the chute is now equipped with "normal" risers". This makes it possible to hang the glider on every trike with standard carabiners.

The special thing about the wing is its high MTOW  of 437 kg.

(at fiche d┬┤identification)

More info┬┤s will follow.