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for spring, summer and autumn

The gloves are made accurately and the careful choice of materials allow still a good dexterity. This means that the brake loop and the throttle grip is still easy to grap. Nevertheless, the gloves keep the heat well in the fingers.   

 Price                                             Item Code #80054

Air tight fyling suit for summer and transition period. Equipped with many useful pockets.

 Price                   Item Code #80019



Sleeves on hand and feet prevent the impregnation of wind and moisture

The removable knee pads provide effective protection against the cold



 The integrated suspender increases comfort



 With the inner bands located in the pockets, valuable items can be saved

Useful Pocket with compartments for your radio, mobile phone and other small parts.



Price                                             Item Code #80056

Hip Pack

with pockets and zips to close.