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This well designed helmet is made of fiberglass reinforced plastic. This gives high strength with low weight 

The helmet is comfortable and the air vents prevent heat accumulation especially in the summer time.

The Headset is an universal Headset made from the germany company Loescher. The passive noise insulation is an advantage. This headset and the company Loescher is proven for many years. This radios and electronic devices are a good alternative to Lynx systems.

Optional there is the possibility to get Gel Padding for the Ear pieces. They insulate even more the noise. Especially for loud engines with gel padding ear pieces you can still understand the radio. 



Helmix incl Visir and Headset


Item Code #80014



Helmix incl. Visir and Headset (Gel padding) 


Item Code #80014.8



Leather Cap

With this Leather Cap the Pilot is well dressed. It´s availible in many different colors.

Article #80055   Price