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The easiest way to have an eye on your engine temperature

  • Small and light weight
  • Perfect o mount to the throttle lever or cockpit
  • Incl. extension lead, attachment for throttle  and Spark Plug sensor

Very simple application: Just mount under the Spark Plug and done.





Item Code #80018.9


The esiest way to have an eye on your RPM:

  • small and light weight
  • perfect to mount to your thorttle lever or cockpit
  • Hours accumulation
  • RPM Counter
  • Max RPM

Very simple application. Just wind the sensor around the ignition cable and done.

Availible in the colors orange and black


Price                                              Item Code #80018.92


0W-40 full syntetic engine oil

This oil is optimal for our 250 ccm Swissauto 4 Stroke Engine. 



Full synthetic motor oil for high-revving 2 stroke engines.


Specifications: API TD, ISO-LEGD

Approval: JASO FD 049RAV151


Specially dyed for maximum visibility in the fuel tank.

"Made in Germany"


Price             Item Code #80059



If your Frame or Cage got some scratches you can easily let them vanish with this paint.

This special paint is filled into a small bottle (12 ml). The inbuilt brush makes the apply very easy.

Price   Item #Z0003

40 Meters of Rope incl. Needle and Manual.

You can download the Manual here as well: ANLEITUNG

Price                                  Item Code #80035

The Motormeter "FH" shows all necessary Engine Information very precisely during the flight.

It can show:

  • "EGT" (Exhaustemperature)
  • Watertemperature
  • Battery Voltage
  • Spark Plug Temperature
  • RPM
  • Time of Flight
  • Fuel Level Gauge

You can chooses the sensores seperatly. The standard version contains: Display, Drehzahlmesser

The instrument replaces many instruments in one so the Cockpit has an clear arrangement.

The very bright background makes all figures readable even durings strong sunlight.



Suitable for the Fresh Breeze LiFePo Akku. The chargr is adjustable to dirrenet voltages.

 Preis           Item #14212.1 S





This Digital Igintion can be used in Monster and Simo Engines.

The advantage: Dynamic ignition time adjustment.

This means while starting the engine the spark jumps in possibly with 3° before OT. With rising speed the ignition time continuously moves in the direction of early. The engine thereby starts more softly and runs more smooth. At the same time this ignition also owns a very strong generator. This delivers 6000 1 / min170 Watt.

The extra cost for Monster with e-starter

The extra cost for Simo with e-starter



These 14.5 litres fuel tank can be used in all engines except SportiX or Snap.

Price   Item #


 Suitable for following engines:

  • ThoriX 80
  • Thorix 130
  • ThoriX 190
  • Super ThoriX
  • Hyper ThoriX
  • Top 80
  • Monster
  • Simo
  • Snap
  • Solo



This robust travel bag got a carrying handle (extendable) and two wheels. You can easily pull the suitcase with the engine inside behind you.

Item #80023.1



The engine inclusive cage and frame can be stored within seconds in this cover. Two zippers around the outline help with packing up. This Cover protects the engine from outside influences during longer storage times or when you carry it onto a bike rack behind your car. The fabric is made from robust cordura which repells from water and dirt. 

On the bottom of the cover, under the back frame, there is a chafer.


Item# 80031  

Service Bag with many useful pockets. Ideal for Helmet, Radio or tools.

Item# 80075                                                                                                                                                                        

Different Bags and Covers are availible for Fresh Breeze Engines:

A cage bag and propeller covers are standard eqipments for every engine. Every new engine will be delivered with these standard.

  • Enginecover:  # 80032
  • Motorcover:  # 80031
  • Travelbag Motor HQ:  # 80023.1



Doubleseatersuspension for footlaunch.

Item #80013






Light weight carbon seat board.

From now on a Carbon Composite Board is available for the Wingman Jettison  and  Wingman SportiX.The weight is reduces up to 700 Gramm.