The Hyper ThoriX is the most powerful engine of the Polini family (as of April 2015)

The actual location should the trike. But due to its "normal" propeller diameter this system can used as well for foot launching. By reason of the very high output this engine  is often used in competitions.  Very fast glider "eat" power. Strong climbing rate now available for Big Boy´s

Bigger Prop for more thrust

Hyper ThoriX with 1,4 m propeller diameter.  Who wants to compete with me?




The engine is liquid cooled.

This guarantees 100% thermal stability. Even long full throttle phases are totally without problems




The engine is of course equipped with a power exhaust and silencer.

In order to make the engine stable in all speed ranges, Fresh Breeze add a proofen "Helmholtz Resonator"





This gear transmission has a reduction ratio of 2.8: first The gears and integrated centrifugal clutch running and oil, and thus almost no wear.











The Bing carburetor is precisely matched to the engine. This mixture system of type 84 has been used successfully for decades.






Balacne Counter Shaft

The engine has a balance countershaft that grants a great comfort during the flight. It cancels the vibrations and extent the lifespan of the whole system.



The special feature of the SportiX´s is the pilot suspension made by Fresh Breeze.

While starting and landing the push braces are low, so the center has moved before the main balance point, and the engine tips with pleasure down and supports start and landing.

When flying, the push brace is horizontal and the fulcrum lies very near to the center of the engine and it does not press the pilots back and vibrations are kept off almost completly.

The left push rod has a special design which compensate efficient the negative torc effect from this strong and powerful engine.

This all sounds very technically but the main point is: The engine and pilot becomes one. No more torqing away while starting or leaned back landings, where the equipment shatteres into 1000 pieces.

Pro SportiX

The successor to the Sportix version, is the Sportix PRO suspension.

Some subtleties have been adjusted compared to the standard Sportix version:

    • More arm freedom offered
    • Upright position when starting & landing
    • Easy installation with only one quickpin
    • More glider feeling through higher mobility
    • Thrust struts also available in light titanium version



The movable push rods allow the active flying. It is the free flying very close.The brake lines need not be extended. Powered flight and free flight have the same setting.









You can choose from 2 different harness.


Harness with integrated container and pocket


Harness in "slimmed-down" design with no pockets and container. The weight difference is more than 1 kg. Here we recommend the use of a front container.