The new Moster 2019 from Vitorazzi now also at Fresh Breeze.The Italian manufacturer hereby offers an engine that is known for its good performance.The motor is equally suitable as a foot starter and in combination with a lightweight trike.The power of the engine is 25 "horsepower" and thus offers plenty of leeway in every way.The starting behavior is simple, the engine has a great smooth running and the engine willingly follows the throttle.



We deliver the engine with the carbon cooling hood. This guarantees a significantly lower head temperature.

With the centrifugal clutch, the engine is right on trend. This much appreciated feature guarantees a nice idle speed and safety during ground handling.

This propeller is specially designed for the Moster. The design favors the cooling for the cylinder

It is a 2-piece GfK / CfK propeller.

The cage is divisible fourfold. It is available in the variants:

  •      ORC Light in green or orange
  •      ORC Standard in black or red
  •      DRC in black or red
  •      In just a few moments, the cage can be easily removed without tools and transported in a space-  saving manner.

The Mostix is ​​delivered as a Pro SportiX variant. The titanium struts used here are extremely light and also very easy to remove with the quick-pins.

The rescue container integrated into the harness makes getting in and out of the harness very easy. The rescue can be installed on the right or left, making it very easy and quick to reach. Opposite, the harness has a storage bag for useful items that are important in flight.

Pro SportiX also means that the pilot's suspension is very low. On the one hand, the paraglider lines are easy to reach while flying. On the other hand, the brake lines of the glider against the free flight on the mountain need not be changed in height.

The new and small airbox fits perfectly to the engine and effectively eliminates the intake noise.

Additional options are:

Motor 2 Stroke
CCM 185 ccm
Bore 66 mm
Stroke 54 mm
Cooling Aircooled
Starter Handstarter Soft Starter Systen E-Starter
Clutch yes
Ignition Elektronic
Propeller direction of rotation Anticlockwise
EGT max 550 ° C
CHT max 250° C
Fuel 95 Octane with 2,5 % Oil
Milage 3,8-4,2 p/h bei 5600 1/min
Static Thrust 75 kp
Propeller 2 blade 1,25m CfK / GfK
Weight without harness Wirthout E-Starter Pro SportiX 21,8 kg
Weight without harness with E-Starter Pro SportiX 24,5 kg
Power 18,4 kw (25 hp) bei 7800 1/min
Ratio 2,87