Carbon Seat Board

The Harness can be optionally equipped with a Wooden or a Carbon Composite Board.

It save up to 700 gramm.

The price is 99.- excl. tax.





14 Liter Fuel Tank


Very light and sturdy tank made ​​of high quality fiberglass-reinforced plastic.

Suitable for all SportiX system.The special advantage over the PE tank lies in its low weight at about 1080 grams and a capacity of 14 liters.

The front side of the tank has two transparent slot´s. The fuel level can thus be easily determined

The optional price is  is 193.- € plus tax .






Different pockets and covers are availablel for this engine at possession.

The cage pocket and the air-screw schooner are included in the scope of supply of the engine.

The Travelbag engine has 2 roles. The engine can be pulled so comfortably.


Enginecover:109.- Euro excl. tax.

Motorcover:109.- Euro excl. ta

The Simo CB and Simo Jettison can be ordered with 10 or 14.5 litres of tank.

The complete tank system cost 140.- Euro excl. tax.




This gauge will give you info about:

  • CHT
  • RPM
  • Temp. in C°
  • Hours of engine/flight
  • Price 168.- Euro excl. tax.



Doubleseatersuspension for footlaunch.Price 360.- Euro plus tax.







Digital ignition and powergenerator


is standart in the Simo since 2012.The advantage is the dynamic ignition time adjustment. This means while starting the engine the spark jumps in position 3 ° before top dead center. With rising speed the ignition time continuously moves in the direction of early. The engine thereby starts more softly and runs more quietly.

This ignition has also an integrated strong altinatior with 170 Watt at 6000 1/min and supplies 12 Volt.

Electrically heatable jacket or gloves and radio or GPS can be plugged.


The Simo can be equipped with an additional regulator, even if no E starter is mounted. Herewith one can pursue, for example, heating gloves. The regulator delivers 2.5 amperes to 12 volts. A connection plan is to be downloaded here. Click the picture in.