The CB (Comfort Bar) version has two moveable push rods. These push rods prevent the engine from turning on the pilots back and reduce the torque effect to a minimum. All vibrations will be passed to the wing directly without stressing the pilot at all.

The position of the engine and the comfort let you enjoy the flights. This pilot suspension is for long distance flying or just cruising. If you are an acorpilot this is propably not what you are searching for. CB: Sit down and enjoy your flight.






The twistable push bars gave his name to the engine. CB as a meaning comfort bar.






The Cbi has an integierten rescue container from stretchy neoprene material. The rescuer at the side right then here simplifies the Groundhandling and brings clear view forwards. He is quick with a zipper and to remove simply from the belt stuff.



The harness can be taken very fast without tools from the frame. Here the Qickpin's are to be seen for the poles CB.



The in addition available E starter is right in order to save space and weight-optimised. The battery is a 1700 mAh Nicad with 16.8 volts. The battery is charged in the flight by the generator. One or two 12 volt connections can be used for transceiver or GPS.

Digital ignition and powergenerator


is standart in the Simo since 2012.The advantage is the dynamic ignition time adjustment. This means while starting the engine the spark jumps in position 3 ° before top dead center. With rising speed the ignition time continuously moves in the direction of early. The engine thereby starts more softly and runs more quietly.

This ignition has also an integrated strong altinatior with 170 Watt at 6000 1/min and supplies 12 Volt.

Electrically heatable jacket or gloves and radio or GPS can be plugged.

The state kind implementation of the cage is the ORC (One ring Cage).As well the DRC (double ring cage) option  can be also ordered free of cost. This cage variation should find use with the trike. The cage is more stable and offers more protection for propeller and glider.


The Simo is delivered with a membrane carburettor. With 3 being outside screws the carburettor is adjusted. The carburettor works in every attitude and petrol cannot run out with the transport

As an other option we also offer the carburettor Bing 84. This carburettor has an easy choke system to be served and is delivered with agreed nozzles once ex works opposed to the customer.

This light throttle owns an infinitely variable travel gas locking, The especially rugged stainless steel switches are extremely long-lasting. The throttle can be ordered in different versions.


Up side down

Left hand

Right hand.