We offer the SnapEgo in 3 different pilot suspensions. Snap SportiX, Snap CB and Snap Jettison. This two stroke engine has 96 ccm. Its low weight and the centrifugal clutch is highly estimated by many pilots. The engine starts very easy and is very reliable. The fan cooled engine is thermal stable.





The CB (Comfort Bar) version has two moveable push rods. These push rods prevent the engine from turning on the pilots back and reduce the torque effect to a minimum. All vibrations will be passed to the wing directly without stressing the pilot at all.

The position of the engine and the comfort let you enjoy the flights. This pilot suspension is for long distance flying or just cruising. If you are an acorpilot this is propably not what you are searching for. CB: Sit down and enjoy your fligh



The Cbi (i=integrated) has a zippable rescue container which is made from stretchy material. Almost every rescue up to 180 on the market fits. The rescue at the side simplifies the Groundhandling and brings clear view forwards. No more problems with with packages on yor knees or startfailures trough lack of mobility.

The rescue pocket is mounatble on the left or right side, on the clockwise side of the propeller helps to counteract the torque effect of the engine. The rescue line is stored nicely out of your way with velcros.

The gearbox of the Snap is nearly maintenance-free. The gearwheels are running in oil. The centrifugal clutch integrated in the gearbox prevents the turning of the air-screw in idlerunning. The air box reduces the suction noise and filters the the sucked in air.






The engine can be start comfortably with hand. On account of the over-head-position you can operate powerfully the manaul starter.






The basic configuartion is the ORC (One ring Cage). As a free option you can also order the DRC (Double Ring Cage) for extra stability.

We recommend nevertheless the ORC to save extra weight. 


This light throttle owns an infinitely variable travel gas locking, The especially rugged stainless steel switches are extremely long-lasting. The throttle can be ordered in different versions.


Up side down

Left hand

Right hand.