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The Super ThoriX Evo is a motor that is suitable for big boy´s which like foot launch or like flying with  light Trikes. 



The Super ThoriX (200), a very smooth running engine. An incomparable experience for anyone who has ever flown this engine. Only the pleasant running noise of the engine let you not forget that the engine is already working.


Vibrations = Zero.



This is an advantage in every way: stress-free flying and a longer lifespan of all parts.




The Super ThoriX is a very low maintenance system.

The gear transmission and the centrifugal clutch operating in oil and therefore are practically without wear.

The new effective 2-piece Powerexhaust system plus silencer gives the engine a powerful, economical and at the same time quiet running.



The engine has a balance countershaft that grants a great comfort during the flight. It cancels the vibrations and extent the lifespan of the whole system.

The Super ThoriX is delivered as a two blade propeller.

As usual, this is a 2-piece propeller in carbon-glass method of construction.

The quiet L-profile  reduces effectively the subjectively perceived noise of a propeller.

The engine is equipped with the Bing float carburetor. This type of carburettor is characterized by its ease of use. Also, the performance of the engine is improved.


The intake silencer (AGD) is very light but  reduces effectively the intake noise.



This light throttle lever owns a variable travel gas locking. The especially rugged stainless steel switches are extremely long-lasting. The throttle can be ordered in every version you are use to:


Up side down

Left hand

Right hand.



Enjoy the Paramotor flying in pairs.

The engine in combination with our doubles-seater-device allows flying in the simplest manner

The engine is also available as a kit.

The ingine is epuipped with:

  • Gearbox
  • Ignition
  • Flashstarter
  • Exhaust with  special Helmhotzresonator for stabil rpm range ( Fresh Breeze)
  • Bing Vergaser Typ 84 (Fresh Breeze)
  • Intake Silencer (Fresh Breeze)