The ThoriX is available in two differnt sizes.125 cm (ThoriX) or 110 cm (ThoriX_S).Big diameter for maximum trust and small diamter for best ground handling.

This engine is a 2-stroke, which is usually used only as a foot start. But a light pilot with a light trike also gets it in the air. The drive has an excellent power to weight ratio and makes it interesting for a wide audience for this reason.

The engine works reliably and very quietly!

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The SportiX is our latest generation of PPG. With the low pilot suspension - Now Pro SportiX avaialable - a free flight glider can be used without changes. The easy groundhandling and super agile flight characteristics are the reason why the SportiX System is so extrem popular. 

Combined with the Thor the Thorix 130 is born!



The "speciality" about the Thorix is the pilot suspension made by Fresh Breeze.

While starting and landing the push brace are low, so the center has moved before the main balance point, and the engine tips with pleasure down and supports starts and landings.

When flying, the push brace is horizontal and the fulcrum lies very near the center of the engine and it does not press the pilots back and vibrations are kept off almost completly.

The left push rod has a special design which compensate efficient the negative torc effect from this strong and powerful engine.

This all sound very technically, but the main point is: the engine and pilot becomes one. No more torqing away while starting or leaned back landings, where the equipment shatteres into 1000 pieces.


The air box reduces excellently the suction noise. With the air filters only cleaned air reaches the engine. No more problems flying in sandy areas.




Standard version of the cage is the ORC (One Ring Cage). As a free option, the DRC (Double Ring Cage) can be ordered. This cage version should be used in trike operation. The cage is more stable and provides more protection for propellers and gliders, especially with suboptimal starts.

And if you like it even more, the ORC is also available in Light. 1/4 cage weighs just 400 grams.  




This light throttle lever owns a variable travel gas locking. The especially rugged stainless steel switches are extremely long-lasting. The throttle can be ordered in every version you are use to:


Up side down

Left hand

Right hand.



The ThoriX 130 is very low maintenance.

The gear transmission and the clutch operating in oil are practically without wear.

The new effective 2-piece Power Muffler gives the engine a powerful, economical and at the same time quiet running.



The engine can be start comfortably with just one hand. On account of the over-head-position you can operate powerfully the manaul starter.

The flash starter from Polini is now standart on this model.

The new injection moulded case of the POLINI FLASH STARTER has been designed to be compact in size and lightness. But it's main feature is the effortless energy now needed to start the Thor engine even with it on your back or in flight. 

POLINI FLASH STARTER is an advanced starting system, based on the mechanical arrangement  of special springs. This new system is capable of reducing the starting effort by 75% and reducing the painful effects of compression kick-back. 



The harness has an integrated rescue container which can be mounted on the left or right side. It is built to fit most of the rescue systems on the market.

The container is fastened with zippers to the harness.

In each case oppositely the harness has a pocket which can be easily reached in the flight to store your maps or stuff you might need. Never again is this rescue container in your way while running or a V-lines hinders your start run.

Nice and clean look.




The Cage is compact and fast to dismantle without any tools