The front container is equipped with a permanently installed V-line.

On the rear side of the container is a small pocket. On top of the container some instruments can be fixed with velcro.


Price 54 € excl. tax 

Item #80053




The ThoriX has an internal altinator. This 12 Volt system is optional.

Output Power 80 Watt at 5500 1/min.

Indispensably to use for heating clothes or radio, GPS, or other electronic devices.

The complete altinator incl. installation cost 399,- € net

Item# 80044

17 Liter Tank

Very light and sturdy tank made ​​of high quality fiberglass-reinforced plastic (GRP)

Suitable for all SportiX-Systems (except Simonini). Great capacity of 17 liters for long flights.

The front side of the tank has two transparent slots. The fuel level can be easily determined with these slots and the tank scale.

 Item# 20501.131 additional price incl. tank scale: 193 ,- € net



Carbon Seat Board

The Harness can be equipped optionally with a wooden or a Carbon Composite Board.

It saves up to 700 gramm.

Item#80047    Price 99,- € net



Centrifugal Clutch

The TroriX 190 is equipped with a centrifugal clutch. The propeller then does not rotate at idle. The belt sound during idle running is also completely eliminated.  

This safes 800 Gramm Weight and 150.- € 

Item# 80057 Centrifugal clutch.








Different pockets and covers are availablel for this engine at possession.

The cage pocket and the air-screw schooner are included in the scope of supply of the engine.

The Travelbag engine has 2 roles. The engine can be pulled so comfortably.


Enginecover: 109.- Euro plus 19 % tax

Motorcover: 109.- Euro plus 19 % tax

Travelbag Motor: 133.- Euro plus 19 % tax