Technical Info´s
Motor Two Stroke
Power 27 HP bei 7400 R.P.M
Displacement 193 ccm 64 x 60
Starter Easy Start (Flashstarter)
Cooling Forced air
Carb Polini ähnlich WB 37
Rgearbox Ratio 2,83 Poly V PJ
Fliehkraftkupplung Optional erhältlich
Construction Aluminum with Gilnisil coating
Schooling Yes
Pilotsyspension SportiX
Pilotsuspension CB
Pilotsuspension Jettison
Fueltank Up to 14 L
Weight from 23 kg Without harness
Weight 27 kg Incl. Harness Light
Weight 28 kg Incl. Harness Standart
Weight 4 kg Harness Light SportiX
Weight 5 kg Harness Standart SportiX
Propeller 1,25 m GfK 2 teilig
Propellerrotation Counterclockwise
Thrust in kg ~ 75
E-Starter Optional Not neccessary.Flashstarter