Technical Info´s
Motor Two Stroke
Power 27 HP bei 7400 R.P.M
Displacement 193 ccm 64 x 60
Starter Easy Start (Flashstarter)
Cooling Forced air
Carb Polini ähnlich WB 37
Rgearbox Ratio 2,83 Poly V PJ
Fliehkraftkupplung Optional erhältlich
Construction Aluminum with Gilnisil coating
Schooling Yes
Pilotsyspension SportiX
Pilotsuspension CB
Pilotsuspension Jettison
Fueltank Up to 17 L
Weight from 19,5 kg Model "EXTREME" excl. harness
Weight fro 22,5 kg Model "EXTREME" incl. harness
Weight from 23 kg Without harness
Weight 27 kg Incl. Harness Light
Weight 28 kg Incl. Harness Standart
Weigth 3 kg Harness Light Pro SportiX Titan
Weight 4 kg Harness Light SportiX
Weight 5 kg Harness Standart SportiX
Propeller 1,25 m GfK 2 teilig up 600 Gramm
Propellerrotation Counterclockwise
Thrust in kg ~ 75
E-Starter Optional Not neccessary.Flashstarter