This little "Whater Dwarf" loves full throttle and has great steam in the "boiler". He is by far the strongest in his class. This lightweight engine provides many new features for the foot launch pilot.

  • Enduring Power
  • Low Weight
  • Water Cooled
  • Centrifugal Clutch
  • Gear Transmission
  • Flash Starter


Amazing 55 kg thrust delivers this 86 ccm engine. Finally a small engine for "big boys".

The ThoriX 80 has a oil bath gear transmission. It is very durable and long-lasting.

Centrifugal Clutch

The already mandatory centrifugal clutch in our modern engines guarantees in this system a maximum safety, especially in ground handling situations. Despite of the Centrifugal Clutch the propeller delivers immideatly and quick thrust without any delay.

Great compact contruction:

The ThoriX 80 has a liquid cooled system. This cooler has a forced-air system with a fan places on the crankshaft.  Cold air will bring over the fan dependend on the RMP to the cooler. Therefor the radiator has small dimensions and is integrated very close to the engine.

With this Cylinder Head Temperature Gauge the pilot can check all the time the water temperature on a display placed in the gas lever.

Item #80018.9 

We are using the carburettor Walbro WB 37. The engine is running safe and smooth with this carb. Together with the airbox and a powerful M profil propeller the engine works quiet silent.

The exhaust will modify by Fresh Breeze basically as well.

We build our tried and tested "Helmholtz tube" to the exhaust. It´s an additional chamber which stabilizes the engine. The speed will follow the position of the throttle lever constantly.

Our exhaust gasket seals the cut-off point at the resonator tube and protects it to cracks caused by vibrations.

Two types of harnesses are available

  • The Wingman Standard harness with integrated reserve container and extra storage pocket


  • The Wingman Light in "stripped down" version without bags and containers. The weight difference is more than 1 kg. We recommend then to use a front container.




The special feature of the Thorix 80 is the pilot suspension made by Fresh Breeze.

While starting and landing the push bracees are low, so the center has moved before the main balance point, and the engine tips with pleasure down and supports start and landing.

When flying, the push brace is horizontal and the fulcrum lies very near to the center of the engine and it does not press the pilots back and vibrations are kept off almost completly.

The left push rod has a special design which compensate efficient the negative torc effect from this strong and powerful engine.

This all sounds very technically but the main point is: The engine and pilot becomes one. No more torqing away while starting or leaned back landings, where the equipment shatteres into 1000 pieces.

The successor of the Sportix Version is the Sportix PRO suspension.

Some details have been adjusted compared to the standard Sportix version:

  • more space for your arms
  • up right posture during launch and landing
  • very simple assembly with only one quickpin
  • more feeling for the wing because of better movability
  • Pushrod´s optionally available also in titanium. That saves a lot of weight.