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The NAJA is another high-end quality product from SWING and Fresh Breeze
It was developed in close cooperation with paramotor manufacturer Fresh Breeze and experienced paramotor pilots, whose collective experience went into this paramotor wing.
The result is a sophisticated product..... Our design goal was to achieve a glider with a small surface area and high wing-loading.

The advantages of this are:
1) simple launch behaviour
2) a high level of canopy stability
3) high speed
4) good dynamics and a high level of agility

Furthermore, the thrust from the motor was factored into computer calculations of the pilot’s position, and the canopy geometry was optimised to meet to the particular requirements of paramotoring. This means that during flight the NAJA is only minimally behind the pilot.

Combined with low line drag, excellent flight characteristics are the result.
Despite our high expectations for the glider’s performance, we also put great importance on safety.
All of the relevant manoeuvres were flown by our test pilots (naturally with the trimmers both open and closed, and at the maximum permissible take-off weight) and adjusted to meet the latest regulations from the DULV (German Ultralight Association).

They were then verified and confirmed by the DULV test pilots.
The latest trimmer system ensures a huge increase in speed by effectively altering the angle of attack through all riser levels (no change in profile).

Maximum flexibility is ensured when adjusting the glider to the particular propulsion system, and the special demands of paramotor pilots are satisfied by useful features in the riser system such as
1) interchangeable trimmer band
2) two attachment points
3) two pulleys for the brake lines.

Who is the NAJA suitable for?
The NAJA is suitable for all aspects of powered paragliding and offers many adjustment options, allowing it to be adjusted according to the pilot’s wishes and the various conditions. The NAJA is suitable for experienced paramotor pilots for whom agility and speed are important.

Powerplay Naja212325
DULV take off weigth incl stuff.      95-130105-140115-170
Wingh aera prj.(m)212325
Wingspan proj.(m)8,89,29,6
Aspect ratio555
Max Speed505050
Dulv certificationadv.adv.adv.