Available now in sizes 22 sqm and 25 sqm


Hang in - Take-off - Relax.

This glider is designd especially for paratrikes.

Even at the start, you can feel the glider is made to fly under power. Directional stability and balanced handling are characteristics that are equally positive.

The fine handling and the speed convinced. Even in unpleasant flight situations, the glider remains exceptionally quiet and does not oscillate.

By high quality and precise manufacture, the sail is fold-free and effective.

300 kg RelaX 25 qm
200 kg RelaX 22 qm

This means a stabilized screen, which makes the landing and starting easier even in stronger winds.The screen is fast and yet easy to use.

The lines specially designed for the trike operation guarantee a long service life under tough conditions.


Tested and aprroved by "German" DIN 79018 and "French" DGAC 



The belt straps are clearly arranged and kept simple. Trimmers for speed and 2 hang points for the anti-torqe effect. A ring helps you to mount the A-Assist directly on the front of the risers.

The thicker lines of the wing are especially designed for tike flying giving stability, and long lift.

Two different risers are available.The left one is standart in the RelaX.The right riser demonstrate a special trim system.This can be used, if the trim forces should be reduced at high load.





The leading edge are reinforced with plastic rods.The paraglider will filled more quickly with air.This makes the start much easier.