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Test report BulliX in German



                                       Low Rider or Big Wheel

                                   We got two different versions of the BulliX


    Low Rider                                                   Big Wheel

■ Small Wheels                                             ■ Big Wheels ( extra damper)

■ low center                                                  ■ suitable for most terrains

■ Weight: 36 kg                                            ■ Weight: 43 kg


Disc Brake 


Every BulliX is equipped with a very effectively, cable operated disc brake.






Different tyres available

(From left to right)

Big Wheel, Low Rider 




Cockpit belongs to the standard fitting as well. It includes a closed front panel. Optional instruments are available like engine temperature and Rpm Meter. Or Vario and just outside tepmerature? There are many options available - ask us for more details and complete packages. 


The back axis consit of glass fibre reinforcedd plastic GRP. It´s very stable but still posiible to bend. Good for bumpy terrain. The wheels can be quickly and simply removed without tools for an easy transport.



Engine Suspension

For the BulliX we are using our tried and tested Engine Suspension. Easy adhering of the engine. Every suitible engine with enough power can be adhered.




The Bullix has an Automatic Riser Pulling System (ARPS) which pulls on the A Risers for you. This intelligent systems simplifies starts and helps you to control the wing from the first second. With this system launch failures are the past. Easy mounting in just seconds and suitable for every wing on the market.                                                    


The comfortable Seat, even comfortable during long flights, makes the Trike that great!