Rescue holder for BulliX

Item# 80051   66 € net

We recommend:

V-Line long Item# 80015.1       46 ,- € net

Tunnel f. V-Line Item# 80015.2   12 ,- € net




Throttle Holder

The place for your throttle holder. A great option for photographers or pilots who wants to have their hands free.

Price: 39.- € net








 Footgas Set


We can equip the BulliX with a footgas. You can accellerate with a foot lever. The Set contains a travel gaslever as well.

The additional cost for a new device with engine 95,- € net     Item# 70911BX 

Upgrading your old trike costs ~ 200 ,- €  net    Foot pedal, cruise control lever, splitter, bowden cables, plus hours of work (depends on your trike)  




Seat Pad

This seat pad guarantees a comfortable seat even during long flights.

Item# 70903 BX   Price: 45 € net



  • A Saddle Bag is available for BulliX and Flyke
  • Fast mounting and dismounting with velcro
  • The bag has 4 small pockets and a big one
  • It is designed to carry along the important things like: maps, gloves, food etc.

Price Item# 70902.1 BX 35 ,- € net