A real help in cycling mode. Because especially when it goes uphill with the Flyke you quickly reach its limit.

Add-E is a retrofit drive. That means you upgrade your existing Flyke with Add-E. The mounting kit is screwed to the fork. The battery and drive unit can then be switched on and off in just a few seconds.

A special feature is the special swing arm mechanism. This makes it possible to cycle in the off state without any friction or additional inertia. Only when, for example, on a slope or the headwind makes life difficult, you turn the drive with a rotation of the cap in the desired level of support. As a result, the engine fully automatically connects to the tire and helps properly. If you arrive at the top and do not need any more support, you just turn the drive off again just as easily.

Add-E is lightweight, virtually invisible on the bike and amazingly powerful.

Changing the motor and battery is possible within seconds without tools. As a result, almost any bike with the same system can become a pedelec.






Add-E engine

In the sports version, the drive motor provides up to 600 watts. The maximum possible speed is 45 km / h.
About the power adjustment on the bottle battery can be selected between 5 levels of support.
As a result, you can compensate for some deficits when driving in a group with low support (50 watts - first level), or annoying increases z. B. in the 4th stage (450 watts) effortlessly overcome.
The actual range depends heavily on the level of assistance you choose, your own personal performance and external influences. With permanent support, ranges of up to 50 km can be achieved with a bottle battery. If you use the drive only sporadically for inclines, head wind or short sprints, even day trips with add-e as a perennial companion are a relaxed affair. The drive unit causes no friction in the off state and with a motor weight of less than 1 kg, there are no changes in the handling. The incredibly compact dimensions (about 7x8x8 cm) mean that you almost do not see add-e on the bike, which has often caused surprises.

 Inconspicuous design

  • Add-e is a good lightweight with 2.2 kg
  • Can be retrofitted to every bike
  • In off mode 100% decoupled
  • Cost-effective mounting kit for early arbitrarily wide wheels
  • Battery empty? You can continue driving normally.





Add-E Accu


Add-E is based on understatement. For the first time the drinking bottle battery has an appreance like a really drinking bottle. The robust aluminum housing protects the high-performance cells from mechanical damage. The integrated safety electronics simultaneously ensure long battery life and safe charging.
 In addition to the safety electronics, the ON / OFF switch or power adjustment is also part of the bottle battery. The upper attachment can be rotated for this purpose. With a total of 5 support levels, the electric power can be intuitively adjusted while driving.
The battery is available in two different capacities. Both versions are suitable for the Lite version but also for the Sport Sets. Thanks to the innovative quick-change system, the range can be easily doubled by adding a second battery.
By default, the 7.2 Ah battery is included in the set. The extra charge 9 Ah variant has the same dimensions and the same weight.
The 160 Wh battery provides enough electrical power to support more than 2 hours of continuous use, while the optional 200 Wh battery will last up to 25% longer.
Both battery variants have a six-level LED charge level indicator in the bottom.

    • About 50 km range
    • On / Off & 5-stage power adjustment
    • Weight 1.2 kg
    • High performance lithium cells
    • Integrated safety electronics (BMS)
    • 22.2 volts
    • 7.2 Ah or 9.0 Ah
    • 160 Wh or 200 Wh
    • Integrated charge gauge in the bottom of the bottle




The Add-E charger is ideal for extra kilometers even during a tour. The compact dimensions and low weight characterize the "travel charger". Not much larger than a pack of cigarettes, it fits comfortably in almost any luggage bag and can be plugged into any household socket. Due to the highest quality standards and the latest electronics, it is possible to achieve high charging performance without active fans or "humming" coils. Thus, the loading in the hotel room, restaurant or any other quiet place is no problem. For charging, the add-e charger is simply plugged into the specially prepared recess on the battery bottom and laid flat. An LED on the top of the case indicates the charging process. As long as the LED lights up red is charged, only when it changes to green is the battery fully charged.

    • 200 g light
    • Small design - about the size of a pack of cigarettes
    • Fanless and "hum-free"
    • Reverse polarity protected
    • International use (100-230 Volt AC, 50-60 Hz)
    • 50 W charging power
    • LED charging indicator