The trike to fold!

This single seat trike offers a plenty of seating and flight comfort.

It is equipped with a comfortable suspension in the rear axle. This means that it perfectly compensates bumps on the runway. And if the landing was a bit harder - No Problem!.



The seat offers enough space for strong pilots.


The pilot suspension (top tube) is also head protection.


The 2 blade propeller has a length of 1.25 m.


The cage is the known and proofen 4 part cage system


The complete system weighs 69 kg


Due to the low height and a telescopic rear axle with 165 cm width the trike has a very good and safe ground handling 



The ONE STRIKER can be folded in a few seconds.

By pulling the handle, the top tube is unlocked.

Without tools, the trike can thus be space-saving in the garage.

Handle for unlocking the top tube.

When folded, the trike only has a length of 85 cm ( without Front Wheel)




The rear axle can be pushed in and so the trike has only a width of 1310 mm

The engine of the ONE STRIKER is the Thor 250. Thanks to its output of 36 hp, it achieves almost 90 kg of static thrust. The 2 blade propeller in CFK / GFK construction is robust. The profile produces a deep and therefore quiet sound.

This engine is water cooled and thus very robust.

The carburettor BING type 84 works reliably and economically according to proven principle.

The engine has an electric starter and manual starter. Thus, starting the engine is possible at any time

The tank has a capacity of 28 liters and thus allows hours of flights without refueling.







The rear axle has a suspension.

Sporty landings and uneven terrain can not harm the trikes




The front wheel is equipped with a disc brake.