Swissauto 4T

The electronic injection arrangement as well as the modern 4 valve draughts make the engine very efficient in power/fuel ratio.

The engine and cage are easy removable. The cage is foldable into two pieces.

The advantages are:

  • Fuel consumption 3 Liter at 85 kg pilot and Relax
  • Less virbrarion
  • Less noise level
  • Big big power and very good climb rate




Technical data:

  • X-ONE with 4 Takter
  • 250 cubic centimetres
  • 22.8 kw
  • Injection arrangement with height compensation
  • Electric Starter
  • 3 blade Propeller 1.40 meters or
  • 3 blade Propeller 1,75 meter
  • Double exhaust

Noise measurement is only 55 dbA tested by the DULV.