ACLis & Shoplink
ERBis & Shoplink


Here you can find the accessories, with which you can personalize your Xcitor:


The ACL´s are not only added as a visual gimmick. These Lights show everyone around you are there. These bright LED -lights can be mounted on the Aerocage and on the bottom under the seats. The visuall effect can be seen from far away and will be seen not only in the darkness.

The lights are optionally connected to a module, which synchronizes the blinking intervals with each other. In cooperation with the manufacturer, particular care has been taken to ensure that no radio interferences occur while flashing.




The panoramic mirror allows you to start the paraglider in a controlled way, without the need to look over the shoulder.

The wing can be spotted shortly after it has been inflated - a great help especially for beginners! But even advanced pilots will profit from this.

Due to the constant view in the start direction you will automatically steer staight. As a result, steering errors belong to the past.

A simple retrofit is guaranteed by two rubber bands - just plug and play!










The Antenna-Kit is installed under the rear seat. The normal range of the radio can be enormously increased in flight and on the ground. The aluminium plate gurantees a greater distance communication with everyone around you.Whether a hand-held or built-in Radio profits trough this option - a simple BNC closure allows the adaptation of almost all radios. A must for every pilot who flies in controlled airspaces or at airfields.


The Pitch Control System (short: PCS) is used to stabilize and reduce the movements of the XCitor in flight. This stabilization is achieved by the fact that the trike uses two suspension points per side to shore.
Through this the glider can effectively attenuate pitch oscillations of the cell

Also it simplifies the start of the paraglider, as the system shortens the A-lines during inflation od the cell. This system is highly recommended on every Xcitor. Also is compatible to all Xcitors on the market



The PPG meter is an affordable multi-sensor device for your paramotor or trike. It allows you to keep an eye on engine RPM's, cylinder head temperature, exhaust gas temperature, fuel level and it will keep track of the working hours of the engine. Of course the device will warn you if any of the sensor values are out of (configurable) safe bounds or if it is time to service your engine.  

The best thing about the PPG meter is the fuel sensor. It's just awesome to KNOW how much fuel you have left, no more guessing and having to break off amazing flights because you are unsure about how much fuel you have left.

The EGT (exhaust gas temperature) sensor is very nice to have too. The reason is that the EGT sensor gives you very direct feedback about the temperature. A CHT (cylinder head temperature) sensor measures the head temperature. This temperature is always a bit delayed because the head needs to warm up. If you have a sudden spike in temperature because something inside your machine breaks (or because you have a hotspot at a certain throttle opening), the EGT will directly show this and if it is above the temperature threshold you've set it will blink a very bright LED, warning you of an abnormal condition. This early warning system could save your machine whereas CHT maybe too late by the time it warns you.

The individual probes can be optionally selected.One instrument can replace many instruments and provides all important Info at a sight. Due to the bright background light, the display is easy to read even in bright sunlight. 

The item numbers and prices (without VAT):

XCA_5 FlyMeter "FH": 237 €


Battery Voltage,Running Time


XCA_5.1 Water temp sensor: 36 €

XCA_5.2 EGT Sensor: 66 €

XCA_5.3 Fuel Sensor: 89 €

XCA_5.5 CHT Sensor: 49€



The optional trailer coupling simplifies the legal transport from your aircraft as a trailer without the need for complex set-up work. The wing and other accessories can also be carried in the Xcitor, since the permitted/additional load is 100 kg. Likewise, a speed of 100 km / h is permitted on the road!

The trailer kit consists of the following positions:

  • cover
  • Trailer coupling (to be mounted in the main frame)
  • Propeller cover
  • Wiring harness for the license plate
  • Number plate

Everything can be packed within minutes only by using Velcro and rubber bands. So your aircraft becomes a trailer and can be transported home easily.


Awareness in Your Hand

The aera 660 aviation portable puts the latest Garmin technology in the palm of your hand, and it carries on our tradition of creating innovative navigators that go way back to the beginning of handheld aviation GPS. While aera 660 is light, compact and fits in any flight bag, it’s also packed with capabilities. As a dedicated navigator, it quickly and reliably acquires GPS and GLONASS satellite constellations and combines advanced navigation tools with rich, interactive, dynamically drawn aviation maps. And it displays it all on a bright, sunlight-readable 5-inch diagonal capacitive touchscreen display.

The icons on the aera 660 are instantly familiar to anyone who’s used a Garmin touchscreen GPS/NAV/COMM, G5000® integrated flight deck or even the app, and the intuitive interface allows you to quickly pan across the map screen, pinch to zoom and more. Meanwhile, the power button on the top accesses quick settings, including portrait or landscape orientation, volume and brightness. And aera 660 comes with a snap-in style powered mount for easy transportation between your aircraft and home.

In a Class by Itself

With its long list of features, the aera 660 combines many of the capabilities of panel-mounted avionics with a value-packed, purpose-built package. It’s a dedicated partner that’s ready to fly, right out of the box.

Please ask for actual/day price : bjoern[at]

For more Infos please see:




The new cockpit now has more room for instruments. Through a clever adaptation of the width and height, we have now created more space for more technology -without making it too obtrusive.

Due tue further development of instruments and additional options, the space became more and more limtied. This new design brings us back the freedom of simplicity and it is easier to keep the over wiev.

Also we made a whole new step in the material selection. There is now not only the usual cockpit made of PE, but also of GRP and CFRP (carbon) as seen in the pictures.

Here the prices (without VAT) and article numbers: 

Body incl. Windscreen:

XCE_023.2.2 Carbon (CFRP) for 352 €

XCE_023.2.1 GRP (black) 244,14 €

XCE_023.2.5 PE (black) 85,66 €

Alu plate milled (various variants):

XCE: 023.8 for 50 €

Windscreen incl. edge protection XCE_023.11 Big Cockpit: 24€

For the GRP and the CFRP versions. If you order a new cockpit body pease also order the front plates, since thy also need to be replaced.





This Landing Spot leads you the way in darker hours. Or when you extended your flight a little longer than you expected. It is mounted in the middle between the frame and follows you direction.


Technical specifications:

IP protection class 67: Protection against penetration of water during complete immersion for a limited time (1 meter deep for 30 minutes) and - dustproof


LED Power: 18W
Light beam: Spot beam pattern
Operating voltage: 10-30 V DC
Waterproof class: IP 67
6x 3W LEDs with high luminous power
Color temperature: 6000K
Luminous flux: 1260lm.
Lifetime: over 30,000 hours
Housing material: die-cast aluminum housing




The stow bags are attached to the side of the frame. Wingpocket, headsets or flightprvoviant, they provide enough room for just everything what you need- or what you just do not need in this second.

In flight, they barely noticed. These useful little helpers will not be missed after a short time.