The X-Light. Our double seater under 120 kg.The combination of attractive aesthetic, comfort, a small glider (or X-Wing EVO 28 RS 437 kg or RelaX 300 kg) as well as a very safe rocket rescue system (Magnum 250) make the X-Light unrivaled. 

Thus the double seater is MEDICALFREE



The X-Light is certified with the french DGAC approval.


You can equippe the X-Light with these following engines:


F 23 Boxer from Hirth (best power, best noise, best reliability - best choice


Wankel Engine from Aixro  


4 Stroke 250 from Swiss Auto







The successful open design provides the pilot and co-pilot a good view to all sides in an optimal and comfortable seating position.









The 3 blade propeller  provides good sufficient thrust with minimum noise emission. The diameter of 175 cm works highly efficient.












The trike is equipped with an effective braking system. The standard mud guard prevents that dirt splashes around during the start phase.










The X-Light is a full suspension trike. It swallows rough start fields and muffle suboptimal landings very well. 











Our two-seater is equipped with a cockpit. This can be filled according to your wishes. It can accommodate many instruments.

Towing Device

The X-LIGHT can be equipped with a towing device and use it as a trailer up to 100 km/h. The german road registration is available.



Jacques Bechthold flew 4500 meters high with the X-Light