The person who has an ownership for the 4 Stroke Engine from Fresh Breeze can´t complain.

Reliable and safe gives the engine enough thrust to lift up 2 Persons inclusive the X-Light into the air.

With the modifications we created a carefree, efficient and silent engine which makes every flight a special experience!

We buy the engine from the factory helvenco (Switzerland). Because of the excellent cooperation we´ve been able to modify the 4 Stroke for the X-Light specifically.



The 4 valve system and its low weight makes the engine to the latest state of the arts in paramotor maarket.

The device runs smooth in the whole RPM range. The engine is easy to take off and the cage has two parts.

The DULV (Ultralight Association) messured the low noise emissions of 55 dbA.

The digital fuel injection guarantees an efficent fuel consumption.



The 2-Blade-Propeller (1,75 m) is adjustable and gives ~115 kg thrust.

The huge Tank can contain more than 30 liters of fuel. It enables ~7,5 hours of flying.



Of course the X-Light is equipped with a cruise control.




  • 4 Stroke
  • Power: 26 kW / 8300 /min   (36 kw/11500)
  • Motordrehzahl Vollast 8300 1/min
  • Drehzahl: 6900 1/min
  • Standschub: 115-120 kg
  • Airspeed: ~ 60km/h
  • Volume: 254cm³
  • Gearbox Poly-V-Belt with centrifugal clutch
  • Clutch: Direct depends on usage Option gear reduction 1:3,? with Poly-V-Belt
  • Digital Ignition: Battery with generator 35W 
  • Contruction Aluminium
  • Cylinder Nikasil Coated
  • Weight Trike Without Rescue System and Glider: 99 kg
  • 3 Blade-Propeller with Ø 175 cm
  • German Street Approval as Sport Trailer
  • Recommended Glider: RelaX 25 incl extended Trims and pulley block brake system (Max. 300 kg Weight) --> Or other common gliders with approprate start weight can be used (Combination Approval)
  • Recommended Glider:X-Wing EVO 28 RS. 437 kg max Load weight.
  • Weight: < 120 kg incl. Glider and Rescue System