This German 2 stroke boxer engine is manufactured by Hirth. For very many years an extremely robust and reliable engine. Thus, the "heavy" boys with girls  can fly double-seated in the under 115 kg class  "Medical Free".

The engine has 2 WB 37 carburetors.

The digital PVL ignition allows the engine to start very quickly and guarantees a smooth engine running, even at low speeds. Since the boxer also ignites at the same time, a perfect mass balance with very less vibration. Amazingly smooth running!



As the engine is built so compact, we additionally install large cooling heads. They safely absorb the heat from the engine and quickly discharge it to the air.

The two side "Airgrabbers" lead additional air directly to the cylinders and reduces the CHT (Cylinder Head temperatur).

Type Two Cylinder Two Stroke (Boxer)
Displacement 521 cm
Stroke 64 mm
Bore 72 mm
Max. Performance 36,7 kW (50 HP) at 6500 1/min according to DIN 70020
Max. Troque 53 Nm (38,9 ft. Lb) at 6300 rpm
Max rpm 6300 1 / min
Carburation 2 x WB 37
Ignition System CDI Ignition
Generator Power 250 W, 12 V
Cooling Free Air Cooling , Big Head
Weight Below 115 kg and medical Free
Starting Device E-Starter
Running Direction Counter Clockwise, view to output shaft
Propeller 3 blade 1,75 m
Gearbox Beltdrive Ratio 3,08
Fuel Mixture Mixture 1:50, 2-Stroke-Oil, Fuel Fuel Mixture min. 95 octane (RON) Mixture 1:80-100 with BLUEMAX 2-stroke-oil, fuel min. 95 octane
Static Trust >130 kp
Trimmspeed 60 km/h
Consumtion single seat 8,5 Liter

We recommend on the X-LIGHT new X-WING EVO 28 RS

Based on the new X-WING EVO 28, we have now developed the RS. The glider is the same as on the XCitor, but the chute is now equipped with "normal" risers". This makes it possible to hang the glider on every trike with standard carabiners.

The special thing about the wing is its high MTOW  of 437 kg.

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