Totally free of vibrations is the Wankel engine working and glides with the X-Light smooth through the air. Despite of low weight there is powerful thrust will make paramotor hearts skip a beat.    

We coorporate with the factory Aixro from Aachen (Germany). Together we created a Wankel engine which is specialised for the X-Light. 


  • 4 Stroke Wankel Engine Rotary Piston
  • Power: 26 kW / 6500 /min
  • Motordrehzahl Vollast 7400 1/min
  • Drehzahl: 6900 1/min
  • Standschub: 120-130 kg
  • Airspeed: ~ 60km/h
  • Camber Volume: 294cm³
  • Gearbox Poly-V-Belt with centrifugal clutch
  • Clutch: Direct depends on usage Option gear reduction 1:3,47 with Poly-V-Belt
  • Digital Ignition: Battery with generator 125W ; 7000 1/min
  • Crankshaft: Aluminium coated
  • Side Parts: Aluminium
  • Weight Engine: 18,7kg without Gearbox
  • Weight Trike Without Rescue System and Glider: 99 kg
  • 3 Blade-Propeller with Ø 175 cm
  • Periodically Checks: up to 250h
  • Gearman Street Approval as Sport Trailer
  • Recommended Glider: RelaX 25 (Max. 320 kg Weight) --> Or othercommon gliders with approprate start weight can be used (Combination Approval)
  • Weight: 120 kg incl. Glider and Rescue System

This Rotary Piston engine is beatable in its dimensions and low weight.








The centrifugal clutch is a "must have". No one wants to miss the plus of safety.