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NEW Silex in new design NEW

Silex true air speed is a special glider suited for training for ppg. The aim of the construction was to build an efficient, quick as well as sure and handy paraglider. With this glider admitted by the German ultralight flight association (DULV) we are able to offer a complete system to all demands of a modern paraglider.We have placed big value of the operational safety. This starts with the fact that the glider is to be begun very easily. "Behind slope places to stay" are hardly more possible.

This is proofen already  and thousands of time.

To negative spinning does not know practically. By disturbances stabilises of the Silex even - also without pilot's intervention. On account of his good achievement the flight can be continued with put down engine easily or be finished. The glider disposes of a shortened riser which allows a B stall or "big ears". The glider are available up to a maximum start weight of 140 kg.


Colour red / blue / yellow



Technische Daten
Silex SSilex MSilex L
Pilot´s weight
60 - 85 Kg80 - 105 Kg90 - 115 Kg
Take off weight total
70 - 120 Kg90 - 140 Kg90 - 160 Kg
Wing area24,6 m²27,9 m²29,0 m²
Wing area proj.
20,8 m²23,9 m²25,2 m²
10,8 m11,6 m12,1 m
Wingspann proj.9,0 m9,8 m10,1 m
Aspect ratio
Aspect ratio proj.3,93,954,05
Glider weight
5,8 Kg6,2 Kg6,4 Kg
670 cm710 cm730 cm
Speed min. - max.
20 - 50 Km/h20 - 50 Km/h20 - 45 Km/h
43 Km/h43 Km/h40 Km/h
DULV certificationyesyesyes