The 4 Stroke Engine is one of the newest systems used for the One-Seater Paramotors. It is based on the already known BulliX Low Rider. The engine is removableand the cage is designed of two parts.

The electronic injection with a high compensation point guarantees every time the right Lamda-Value. The 4 valve draughts make the swiss engine very efficient in its power/fuel ratio.

The advantages are:

  • Fuel consumption 3 Liter at 85 kg pilot and a SileX L or Powerplay 120
  • Less vibration
  • Less noise level
  • Big power and very good climbing rate


Technical data:

  • BulliX with 4 Stroke
  • 250 ccm
  • 22.8 kw
  • Injection arrangement with height compensation
  • Electric Starter
  • 3 blade Propeller 1.40 meters

Noise measurement is only 55 dbA tested by the DULV

DULV permission issued



 Footgas Set

We can equip the BulliX with a footgas. You can accellerate with a foot lever. The Set contains a travel gaslever as well.

The advantage
The hands are free

The stop switch is placed in the cockpit. To turn off the motor, the brake line needs to be released.

To bring apart the engine from the trike the throttle cable has to be disconnect from the motor.

The additional cost for a new device with engine 95,- € net     Item# 70911BX 

Upgrading your old trike costs ~ 200 ,- €  net    Foot pedal, cruise control lever, splitter, bowden cables, plus hours of work (depends on your trike)  




Magnum 250 Rocket Rescue System

In cooperation with Junkers we have developed  a rocket rescue system in small dimensions and low weight.

Max. Load Weight 300 kg

Max. Speed 150 km/h

Item #80048

Price 2350€ net

Installation At BulliX 4 T

The rescue system is mounted behind the seat and well protected against moisture.

Technical dates:

  • Dimension 280 x 270 x 165 mm
  • Weight 6,5 kg
  • Number of Lines
  • Size of the chute 65 qm
  • Max Speed  150 km/h
  • Sinkrate at 300 kg loaded weight   7m/sec
  • Check  5 Years
  • Total Life time  15 Years


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