Report of status-Ready now and certified throught DGAC


We are working with the innovative company Aixro (Germany) . These have developed a rotary engine. The smoothness grant long and stressless flight, for pilot, passenger and technic.

 Jacques Bechtholt 4500 m msl


•This trike is designed for the class below 120 kg

•This aircraft may also be flown 2 seater without "Medical"

•Equipped is the trike at the time with a rotary engine. Wankel Aixro

•A trailer coupling device is provided

•Sales start 2014. Production and sales already in progress

•The updated RelaX wing with 320 kg max load weight is easy to handle, safe and fast enough for

•3 blade Propeller ~175 cm provide good power for shorth take-off distance

•Recommended wing RelaX 25 with updated max load weight until 300 kg make this trike, safe, fast and agile

•Transmission Poly V with centrifugal clutch grant a safe handling on ground









The successful open design provides the pilot and co-pilot in an optimal and comfortable seating position  a good view to all sides.









The 3 blade propeller provides good sufficient thrust with minimum noise emission. The diameter of 175 cm working most efficiently.













This rotary engine is unbeatable in its small dimensions and weight hardly.







The centrifugal clutch is a "must to have". No one wants to miss this plus of safety.





The trike is equipped with an effective braking system. The standard mud guard prevents the throwing up of soil during the startphase.







The X-Light is a full suspension trike. It will "prepare" a well rough runways and swallow suboptimal landings  very well.










Our two-seater is equipped with a cockpit. This can be filled according to your wishes. It can accommodate many instruments.

The X-LIGHT can be equipped with a towing device. German Street Approval is available.


Price without Tax

X-LIGHT # 019.3 13364.- €
Glider Relax ----- 2296.- €
Rocket Rescure Magnum 250 ----- 2088.- €
Trailer Hitch # 80061 108.- €
Lighting and Wiring Harness # 80060 108.-
Road Tire Right # 80063 299.- €
Road Tire Left # 80064 299.-€
TÜV Certification # 80062 300.- €