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This doubleseater Trike ist the "Flagship" of Fresh Breeze. This Trike has already created al lot of excitement, although as a pilot and passenger you can be totally relaxed! But the excitement outhweights and the name is programm.



•  2 comfortable seats

•  High performance 2-way engine with maximum output of 50 kw

•  Electronic controlled fuel injection

•  Powerful alternator for heating clothes or electronical devices

•  Electric Starter

•  Manual starter

•  Cruise control

•  Full suspensionsystem forgives non-perfect landings

•  Ballistic recovery system

•  2 roll-over bars guarantee maximum potection for pilot and passengers

•  Special X-Wing EVO for high speed with maximum safety

•  Stepless adjustments for trimm and speed of the wing

•  Optional second throttle lever for schooling

•  Trailer package: The trike itself can be towed up to 100 km/h (63 mph)

•  A tarpaulin protects the XCitor when used as an trailer

•  DULV certified (German Ultralight Association)

Qualität made in Bissendorf




This two-seater not only sets standards, he was a model for many copies all around the world. He currently holds almost all records in its class. On national and international championships, he has always winning places. Its high wing loading, the
powerful engine and the innovative control and trim system allow a wide
Application and speed range.

Completely on the computer developed:
Perfect ergonomics, heavy suspensions in front and back, generous space and a compact appearance have been taken into account from the outset.
Low lying, adjustable seats, low fuel tank and a hanging engine bring the center of gravity as far down as possible.


The wide wheelbase and large rear wheels bring an extreme tilt stability. This guarantees maximum safety at starts and landings. The economical 70-PS-Hirth-engine with digital engine management and digital injection (!) brings two 100-kg-pilots quickly into the air.



And the special feature:

The transport approval for XCitor was issued on 04.08.2005 by DULV. Since May 2006 Fresh Breeze is aklso certified automotive manufacturers and is authorized to issue the necessary approval for the road of XCitors data certification. With you can to the Xcitor as a trailer on the street up to 100 km/h. Long preparations an build ups of the aircraft belong to the past. Only the cover needs to be removed and the wing unpacked.


Safety issues?


The XCitor is up to date and in cases of safety secured with an rocket rescue system.
In case of emergency this system guards you. It is know for fast and reliable help.





The new Wing of XCitor is the X Wing EVO.

With only 28 square meters, it is very agile and dynamic, but above all: Maximum safe. The X-Wing Evo is the evolution of our popular and famous Xwing. This wing was especially developed for the trike and with its flexible suspension offers a never reached comfortableness in all situations.

The Flexible Suspension:
while starting an optimal pull up of the wing is ensured by shortening the A-lines. In flight, the movement of the wing is not passes 1:1 to the trike. This reduces the motion of the trike and provide a

Innovative construction techniques and durable materials are used for the XWING EVO. A new designed leading edge with flexible plastic strips complete off the super easy start behavior. The basic setting of the EVO is designed for high flight stability of all axes with precise curve handling.

The Pilot is able to adapt immediately the preciseness and smoothness of the wing. The roll damping is tuned perfectly. On landing, the EVO surprises with its simplicity. Through effective editing and processing techniques the Evo is more efficient than its predecessor in consumption.











 For price Info´s or offer please ask to

Here you can configure your XCitor individually:

Artikel-Nr. Beschreibung Netto-Preis Auswahl
XCI_01 XCitor ready to fly
- Paratrike, double seater
- Paraglider XWing 28
- powdercoated aluminium frame
- color choice according to color table
- paraglider with wing twist steering and trim system
- Hirth 3503 with fuel injection, digital ignition, water cooled, reduction gear and centrifugal clutch.
- Propeller HTC 4Bl CW 167,5
- streamlined Aerocage
- Instrument panel
- Altimeter, vertical speed indicator
- engine rpm
- water temp gauge
- hour meter
- Polyamide tank, 31 Ltr volume.
- ready to fly and test flown
XCI_02 Trailerkit: tarpaulin, prop cover, lighting kit with cables, trailer clutch, certifictaion documents
XCI_03 German "Stueckpruefung", certificate of an initial inspection, required for German registration as well as for some other countries.
Can only be done after a call sign has be assigned by the German DULV or DAeC authorities.
XCI_04 Aero cage (meanwhile included without additional costs)
reduces drag, improves climb and gliding angle
XCI_05 Radio holder (PE, black) (not longer sold) Picture, w/o Radio
XCI_06 Power Socket (for 12V accessory, 2 x shown on the picture)
XCI_07 Lynx Intercom complete with 2 Headsets
and radio interface
XCI_08 Audio input cable Lynx
XCI_09 Radio-power-adapter Lynx
XCI_10 Lynx-interface incl. installation (is part of XCI_07)
XCI_11 Cockpit panel adapter for headset incl. installation (middle position on the picture)
XCI_12 XCitor luggage bag for right side
XCI_13 XCitor luggage bag left side
812.01 Temperature Regulator for Heating Clothes single, refer to general accessories
812.02 Temperature Regulator for Heating Clothes double, refer to general accessories
808.01 Gerbing heat jacket, refer to general accessories
809.01 Gerbing heated trousers, refer to general accessories
801.01 Gerbing heated gloves, refer to general accessories
XCI_018_4_1 Pitch-Control-System
XCI_19 Rear gas pedal
XCI_20 Rear teacher console (with buttons for engine start, radio and engine stop)
XCI_23 Special seat design Sample, can be custom made
XCI_24 Additional fee for Special seat material, custom made, this is Alcantara as a sample
XCI_26 LED-Headlamp (5 Watts) with switch and installation
XCI_27 Extra Lighting kit (please specify type: Aero or Standard), is already part of the trailer kit
XCI_28 Fuel gauge (pneumatic: discontinued)
XCI_29 Antenna (under back seat)
Net price: plus 19% VAT: Brut price:

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