We are Fresh Breeze

Powered paragliding made in Wedemark

Fresh Breeze GmbH & Co. KG is an innovative, medium-sized company that develops, builds, tests, maintains and sells paramotors worldwide.

Our customers appreciate our great quality, the excellent service and the special friendliness of our employees.

The story of Fresh Breeze

In 1989 Fresh Breeze was founded by Michael Werner and Markus Müller in the city of Langenhagen. At first Fresh Breeze started with selling windsurfing articles.

After two years the product range was expanded by mountain bikes, BMX bikes and skateboards with the corresponding accessories.

In 1993 the two business partners started paragliding. Due to the geographical location of the company near Hanover, a solution for paragliding in the flatlands had to be found. The idea of a paramotor was born. The two aviation pioneers developed, built and tested the world's first paramotor unit. A year later, the first approved paramotor "Solo" was launched to the market and inspired many paragliders to get airborne with the latest flying equipment.

The foundation for professional sales of paramotors was created.

In 2000 Fresh Breeze moved to the current company headquarters in Bissendorf/Wedemark. The first employees were hired due to the huge demand of these new backpack motors. With the establishment of mass production capabilities, the production increased rapidly and the motors are now sold all around the world.

The creativity of the two aviation pioneers continued to drive the innovation of new products. A flying bicycle, the Flyke was born and launched in 2002.

The first two-seater trike followed in 2006 - the Xcitor - which is still the bestseller of today.

In 2009 a second production hall was built to expand the production volume.

Over the years, more and more products were added to the prodcut range. Meanwhile 5 different types of trikes and a total of 13 different motors for the foot launch systems are part in the standard range.

The company history of Fresh Breeze is characterized by creative ideas and solving technically demanding tasks. The company does not only participates in technological change, but also drives it. Right now Fresh Breeze (GmbH & Co KG) is also working on a completely new locomotion system for use in the air and on the ground.

A car that is able to fly in the air and may also drive on the road legally. The first prototype was cancelled due to the German road emission laws. A second prototype with a newly designed electrical drive is under development and testing right now.