The company founder is very familiar with paramotoring. His flying skills extend into the stratosphere. The gifted pilot likes to maintenance and built paramotors himself and is also known for his "flying" spare parts service. Michael prefers to fly with the flying car prototype.



After his journeyman's examination, Tony found himself on the "roll" and deepened his skills before he returned to his training company in mid-2018. Due to his personal interest in racing, Tony keeps coming up with good, new ideas for our beloved 2-stroke engines. Tony looks after the XLight, the Thor 80 and the Vittorazi engines.



The best example of the symbiosis of man and machine is shown here: Ecki could not be without his XCitor and this ultra-modern flying machine would be nothing without Eckhart. Mr. Xcitor builds, repairs and maintains the flagship of Fresh Breeze.



Do you fly a Monster, a Super - or a Hyper ThoriX? Then this was definitely assembled by our Volker. He knows the engines better than the back of his hand. Just a few minutes alone with your engine are enough for him to detect the fault and then fix it.



Dirk graduated from his industrial foreman metal more than 30 years ago. He has been with Fresh Breeze since 2002 and has been dissolving all types of metal since then. The gifted welder is known in the region, probably also worldwide, for his extraordinary talent. Aluminum and titanium ... no problem for our Dirk.



If you ever get a package from Fresh Breeze, you can be 100% sure that Harry has packed it for you. Armed with his tablet, he walks through the shelves and looks for your spare parts. Quickly choose the right shipping company and your package will be on its way to you.



Alias ​​Schmitti is the suspension specialist. The forks in the XCitor, X-One and X-Light all go to "his account". His skilled hands also know how to manufacture deep-drawn parts. As number 2 in the XCitor department, he is helping to build the 500th XCitor.