Swissauto 4T

13,85 kg

This highly efficient 4-stroke engine -made in Switzerland- works according to the DOHC principle (double overhead camshaft). Equipped with a fully electronic control, this engine is particularly economical, but it is one of the most powerful engines from our company for the <120 kg class. The altitude compensation is one of the highlights that distinguish this motor.



1,75m propeller

The Autogyro propeller consists of the blades and the propeller hub. This design makes it possible to influence the pitch angle of the propeller and thus fine-tune the device to the flight conditions.



The multi-part exhaust made of rustproof stainless steel is swinging / uncoupled throughout. Due to the light and shapely rear silencer, this easily passes the noise test of the DULV with just 55 dbA.



The engine naturally also has a generator that is responsible for the voltage supply to the instruments and for charging the battery. The built-in battery ensures a trouble-free engine start.



The liquid-cooled engine is extremely stable thermally. The already efficient 4-stroke engine has an optimally positioned water cooler. The water pump is driven directly via the balance shaft. This efficient design is part of the lightweight design concept of this engine.



The engine, which originates from racing, was modified at Fresh Breeze for flight use. The belt transmission integrated in the motor frame is adapted to the respective propeller size. The wide strap can be tensioned by means of an eccentric. The centrifugal clutch is on the crankshaft side - this safety aspect has not been left out of this premium product.


Motor control

The holistic engine control influences mixture preparation and ignition in this engine. With the help of the sensor data - pressure, speed, temperature - the engine is able to guarantee optimal combustion in all operating conditions.


Propeller cage

The two-part double ring cage made of high-strength aircraft aluminum is quick and easy to assemble and comes in two different colors. The line deflectors between the cage and trike support the function. When starting, the lines can easily be placed in the line holders.


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