Relax evo

We are proud to announce the further developed version of our popular trike wing, the Relax EVOlution. The most modern materials and production techniques attribute a very high level of safety to this glider. This wing is available in 2 sizes, specially designed for the use with trikes. With a maximum payload of 300 kg, the large 25^2 version is ideally suited for two-seater operations.

The wing profile is tailored to the motorized trike operation and therefore allows sporty travel speeds. With a higher wing load the glider has a high directional stability and even high torque engines have little influence on the flight behavior.  A particularly big advantage: it is suitable for both: beginners and advanced pilots - especially the 22 m ^ 2 variant.

Its takeoff behavior is good-natured and manageable for everyone.


The very good starting properties are achieved by the S-Inlet technology, which keeps the cells open before the filling process. The paraglider rises easily and straight over the pilot. A low take-off speed in combination with a high buoyancy was taken into account in the construction in order to get into the air quickly and easily.



The tidy and simple riser design makes the pre-flight check even easier. The main lines of the different levels are colored differently so that identification is very easy.

In addition to the paramotor typical trimmers, the Apax Evo also has an acceleration system, which can be operated with a standard speedbar.

The height-adjustable brake mount can be individually adapted to the needs of the pilot.



Based on its predecessor, its look is familiar and yet a bit tighter. Especially in the new color variant with golden and blue highlights, it looks very sporty. Of course, the new design is also available in the classic colors black-red and red-white.



As usual, the Relax Evo comes in two sizes:

25m2 with 300 kg

22m2 with  200 kg


A classic paraglider brake is built into this wing. In double-seat operation, it is recommended to equip the brake with a pulley system. The modular braking system offers this possibility.