13,85 kg


Like all components of the Thor 80, lightweight components were also used for the gearbox. The gearbox is set as a separate unit in front of the engine. The mandatory centrifugal clutch is located between the two components.


Cooling system

The special thing about the Thor 80 is the liquid cooling system with an additional cooling fan. The big advantage is that a compact overall unit was created. The system does not rely on airstream to work efficiently. Overheating problems are unknown for this engine.

Flash starter

The flash starter, revised by Polini with a reinforced spring and housing, enables a comfortable engine start. The starter spring buffers the energy required for starting during the tightening process and releases it suddenly when the maximum is reached. As result, the engine starts immediately.


Exhaust with Helmholtz

Typically for Polini engines, the resonance exhaust is specially designed for flight operations. A Helmholtz resonator developed by Fresh Breeze ensures even more performance. The exhaust is multi-part and connected by break-proof springs to decouple the vibrations from the exhaust. The shapely muffler reduces engine noise to a minimum.



The airbox is available on all Polini engines. It filters the air and dampens the intake noise extremely effectively.


Walbro carburetor

The Walbro carburetor is a membrane carburetor. The advantage for the experienced aviator is the possibility to fine tune the mixture depending on the altitude of the take-off site very easily. The fuel pump is integrated in the carburetor and the small size saves weight. The position of the carburetor is independent and therefore it cannot overflow. Trouble-free operation is guaranteed even during extreme flight maneuvers.


1,25m propeller

The 1.25 m propeller from Helix Carbon, perfectly matched to the engine, is made of unbreakable, carbon fiber and meets the highest safety standards. Compared to other propeller manufacturers, the Helix Carbon propellers are particularly characterized by their smooth running and the much more efficient blade profile.