The name is program

With only 19m2 and the high weight range up to 200 kg it is probably the smallest trike wing on the market. Experienced pilots have a lot of fun with this small glider- they can fully exploit their potential with this sporty wing.

Only intended for trike use, this wing is very fast right from the start. Therefore it does not have to make compromises like with hybrid wings, which are also suitable for footlaunch operation.

The eyecatching optics underline the performance of this high-performance wing. The design continues from the top to bottom sail. Especially in the interplay with light and shadow, it is an eye-catcher in the sky and on every airfield.

The XStream is perfect in every phase of flying:


The pilot already feels the small size of the glider during preparation. It is quickly laid out and even in stronger winds it stays safely on the ground. A clear riser setup with different colors prevent errors when laying out the glider.


Start phase:

For an optimal takeoff, the clean riser setup has a mount for the A-assists. The XStream wants to fly. Just a short impulse on the throttle and the glider launches. The handy wing is easy to control in the taxi phase. Precise control ensures that man and machine take off in a controlled manner.


This uncompromisingly coordinated trike wing is designed for a high speed range. Its high stability, maneuverability and precise transmission of the control impulses ensure high dynamics in flight. This wing is just plain fun. It is the XSTREAM.



The XStream is fast, but still lands softly. Despite the high speed, the pilot is by no means overwhelmed during landing. Due to the large amount of energy in the system, the glider has plenty of reserves to flare out. At the same time, in suboptimal wind conditions, the small area benefits from directional stability.


The very good starting properties are achieved by the S-Inlet technology, which keeps the cells open before the filling process. The paraglider rises easily and straight over the pilot. A low take-off speed in combination with a high buoyancy was taken into account in the construction in order to get into the air quickly and easily.



This unique glider comes in an aggressive design.

The lines on the upper surface play around the leading edge and continue on the lower surface. If the cap is flooded with light, the wing reveals its playful look.


Despite its small size of only 19 m², the Xstream has a payload of 200 kg..


This wing has a particularly stable riser. The particularly long trim path offers a high variance in the wing properties. This allows the aircraft to be adapted to different conditions and also high-torque engines.