XWing EVO 28 RS

The XWing EVO RS (riser) combines the advantages of the XCitor wing with the flexibility of a normal glider mounting device. The most striking feature of this trike wing is the excellent take-off behavior. The wing starts reliably, symmetrically and does not overshoot. It has a good-natured braking behavior. The glider is easy to control in the air and enables a rapid speed of around 65 km / h in double seater operations. The XWing EVO RS is DGAC tested and therefore approved throughout the EU.



The MTOW of 437 kg makes this wing indispensable for double flight operations.

Tested according to DGAC for devices under 120kg.


This wing has a particularly stable riser. The particularly long trim path offers a high variance in the wing properties. This allows the aircraft to be adapted to different conditions and also high-torque engines.






The brake is the link between pilot and glider. In order to make optimal use of the dynamic performance of the paraglider, the brake on the XWing EVO has a progressive pulley system. In every flight situation, the glider is precisely controlled with moderate effort. A good feel for the glider is created over the long braking distance and the wing offers plenty of reserves.

Main line lenght

The main lines are all the same length. The line exchange is therefore even easier.


S-inlet system

This glider has an "INLET" system. This keeps the inlet opening open before and during the start phase. With this feature, the glider is one of the most modern of its kind.