XWing EVO 28

The XWing EVO is the well-known glider for the XCitor. It is already the second generation of the wing specially developed for the high-performance trike.

With an area of ​​just 28 square meters, it is very agile, dynamic and extremely easy to handle. With its flexible suspension, a completely new type of paramotoring is possible.

Made from Skytex 38 Ripstop fabric, this glider offers a very high level of safety - even in suboptimal weather conditions, this wing does not collapse or stall.

The highly developed XWing EVO is very efficient thanks to effective cutting and processing techniques: Turns in flight are accompanied by only a low loss of altitude. The high glide ratio also ensures low fuel consumption.

Every XCitor pilot is thrilled!



The very good starting properties are achieved by the S-Inlet technology, which keeps the cells open before the filling process. The paraglider rises easily and straight over the pilot. A low take-off speed in combination with a high buoyancy was taken into account in the construction in order to get into the air quickly and easily.


Wing suspension-bar

The “spreader bar” is the main part of the trim system. It replaces the usual risers and directs the forces into the frame.

This enables the pilot to actively control the profile. The forces are transmitted via the risers and the trim system. This four-point suspension has two decisive advantages:

On the one hand, the glider can be controlled very comfortably via the trim levers of the XCitor and the large trimming range can be fully utilized. On the other hand, this suspension enables the use of a Pitch Control System (PCS), which results in a high level of self-damping.



Innovative design and the use of the latest materials enable a MTOW of 383 kg.


Main line lenght

The main lines are all the same length. The line exchange is therefore even easier.



The brake is the link between pilot and glider. In order to make optimal use of the dynamic performance of the paraglider, the brake on the XWing EVO has a progressive pulley system. In every flight situation, the glider is precisely controlled with moderate effort. A good feel for the glider is created over the long braking distance and the wing offers plenty of reserves.