13,85 kg

This engine is particularly characterized by its smooth engine running.

The low-vibration running behavior protects pilot/man and machine when practicing paramotoring.

The particularly quiet running is achieved by a balance shaft that compensates the moving masses. The greatly reduced vibrations have a positive effect on the durability of all assemblies.


1,25m propeller

The 1.25 m propeller from Helix Carbon, perfectly matched to the engine, is made of unbreakable, carbon fiber and meets the highest safety standards. Compared to other propeller manufacturers, the Helix Carbon propellers are particularly characterized by their smooth running and the much more efficient blade profile.



The slide carburetor prepares the mixture for optimal combustion. This carburetor concept entails a linear increase in power. With this carburetor, the pilot has very sensitive control over the engine.



Due to its design, the fully enclosed gearbox is low-maintenance and almost wear-free. The reduction ratio of 2.8: 1 is designed so that the maximum engine efficiency is developed at 8000 rpm. The centrifugal clutch is integrated in the gearbox.


Exhaust with Helmholtz

Typically for Polini engines, the resonance exhaust is specially designed for flight operations. A Helmholtz resonator developed by Fresh Breeze ensures even more performance. The exhaust is multi-part and connected by break-proof springs to decouple the vibrations from the exhaust. The shapely muffler reduces engine noise to a minimum.



A generator with a power of 80 W at 5500 rpm is installed in the engine and is supported by a battery. This electrical system enables advantages such as electrical starters, electricity for radio etc.


Flash starter

The flash starter, revised by Polini with a reinforced spring and housing, enables a comfortable engine start. The starter spring buffers the energy required for starting during the tightening process and releases it suddenly when the maximum is reached. As result, the engine starts immediately.


Cooling fan

Thermal stability is achieved by the cooling fan. The streamlined engine cowling directs the air flow, generated by the radial fan, through the cooling fins to the cylinder and cylinder head.


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