The classic
13,85 kg

The Top 80 is particularly suitable for occasional flyers who do not have excessive demands on high performance. Its simple construction, the low noise emissions and the extraordinarily good-natured engine characteristics feature this small, light engine. Tried and tested on the market for many years, it is valued by many pilots

Gearbox and clutch

The encapsulated gear transmission is low-maintenance and almost wear-free. The clutch can also be found integrated in the gearbox housing.




The particularly quiet exhaust is responsible for the typical sound of the Top 80. The resonance exhaust and the rear silencer are combined in one component - this saves weight.




The inconspicuous Top 80 is a technical highlight. The well-thought-out fan cooling makes it thermally stable - this engine does not know overheating.



1,25m propeller

The 1.25 m propeller from Helix Carbon, perfectly matched to the engine, is made of unbreakable, carbon fiber and meets the highest safety standards. Compared to other propeller manufacturers, the Helix Carbon propellers are particularly characterized by their smooth running and the much more efficient blade profile.


Walbro carburetor

The Walbro carburetor is a membrane carburetor. The advantage for the experienced aviator is the possibility to fine tune the mixture depending on the altitude of the take-off site very easily. The fuel pump is integrated in the carburetor and the small size saves weight. The position of the carburetor is independent and therefore it cannot overflow. Trouble-free operation is guaranteed even during extreme flight maneuvers.


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