13,85 kg

This engine -made in Germany- was specially developed for aviation and it is characterized by its extreme reliability and power. The "Monster" system is a standalone product. It is used in trike operation and also as a foot launch.



The rescue container is mounted in the harness of the Jettison suspension. You can choose the container on the left or right-hand side.


Pilot suspension

For foot launch, the Monster comes with the Jettison suspension. This classic pilot suspension is characterized by the high hanging point, which gives the Monster a stable flight behavior. The pilot and the engine are hung up separately via the J-Bar. In an emergency, the engine can be thrown off in seconds and the pilot can land safely.



A 1700 mAh NiCad battery is optionally available for the Monster. The battery is charged by the generator during flight – therefore a powersupply for aviation radio or GPS is available.



An hand starter is built into the Monster as standard. An electric starter is optional.



The belt drive of the Monster was developed by Fresh Breeze - made in Germany. The reduction ratio of 2.68: 1, which was specially tuned for the overall system, provides the optimal utilization of the motor.



The slide carburetor prepares the mixture for optimal combustion. This carburetor concept entails a linear increase in power. With this carburetor, the pilot has very sensitive control over the engine.



The Monster comes with the Scimitar propeller in a double arrangement. The x-shaped arrangement of the propeller blades results in a low noise level with a thrust of 75 kg.



The 10 l tank is located at the highest point in the frame. This eliminates the need for a fuel pump and saves weight.


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