13,85 kg

This small engine is one of the quietest paramotor engine on the market. The very smooth engine running and the pleasant noise level guarantee a relaxed flight experience. The handling of this engine is extremely comfortable. The light weight of the engine makes it the perfect foot starting unit.



With the Atom80, the exhaust is a real eye-catcher. The minimalist appearance of the exhaust system reveals little about its complex design. But the low noise level and the even power delivery speak for themselves.


The Atom80 has a low-maintenance gear transmission. The fully enclosed gearbox / clutch unit ensures efficient power transmission to the propeller.



The air generated by the radiator fan is directed over the cylinder using the shapely air scoop. This engine is thermally stable even at higher outside temperatures.


Walbro carburetor

The Walbro carburetor is a membrane carburetor. The advantage for the experienced aviator is the possibility to fine tune the mixture depending on the altitude of the take-off site very easily. The fuel pump is integrated in the carburetor and the small size saves weight. The position of the carburetor is independent and therefore it cannot overflow. Trouble-free operation is guaranteed even during extreme flight maneuvers.


1,25m propeller

The 1.25 m propeller from Helix Carbon, perfectly matched to the engine, is made of unbreakable, carbon fiber and meets the highest safety standards. Compared to other propeller manufacturers, the Helix Carbon propellers are particularly characterized by their smooth running and the much more efficient blade profile.


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