Do you want an electric bike which can master every route and slope with little effort? Do you think, that an e-bike is too expensive and too heavy? With the add-e retrofit kit, the ideal solution has been developed for you: You can either mount it to the bike yourself or you can hand over your bike to our competent technicians so that you can set off on your own e-bike in no time at all. As a specialist with an excellent in-house workshop, we can also help with difficult installations.

Build in motor

The built-in motor drives the tires of the wheel directly. If you cycle without motor support, the motor returns to the basic position and there is no increased pedal resistance.

Completely simple and unobtrusive, the add-e NEXT electric kit integrates into the bike. The crowd will not even notice that you are traveling with an ingenious motor drive system.


Mounting set

The add-e NEXT mounting kit - everything you need to attach to your bike.



  • approx. 50 km range
  • On / off & 5-step power adjustment
  • Weight 1 kg
  • high-performance lithium cells integrated safety electronics (BMS)
  • 22.2 volts
  • 7.2 Ah or 9.0 Ah
  • 160 Wh or 200 Wh
  • integrated charge indicator in the bottle bottom


add-e NEXT is completely revised and better than ever. The new electronics make it possible to drive almost noiselessly even at the highest performance level. The switch to new sensors enables unprecedented precision in control. The add-e NEXT is the latest generation of the smallest and lightest retrofit kit in the world.